5 Techniques for Laser Etching That No One Will Tell You

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In the present time, laser etching is the most demanding decoration trends in clothing. This well-known technique engages laser technology to place the logo or any design on any piece of garments. The laser equipment burns the very first layer of the attire to make a unique mark.

As laser etching produces a prominent and unique mark that’s why it is appropriate for branding. If you also want to place a unique decorative on your garments then this technology can full your needs.

You will be amazed to know that laser etching is an easy process to conduct in order to upgrade the overall look of your garments.  Here are techniques to provide an extremely trendy look by laser etching.

Choose a Suitable Fabric

This is the most essential part of the laser etching, therefore pick up the appropriate type of fabric that could be used with a laser. The good news is that any type of fabric can be used with laser except vinyl leather. Do not use vinyl with a laser, as it can produce hydrochloric gas when etched.

This gas can create a harmful effect on your lungs, so don’t use it. Instead, you could use different fabrics, like polyester or fleece, with the laser to create a darker shade of the chosen color. Moreover, you can also use organic fabrics, such as cotton with the laser. Don’t use thin fabric, like silk or chiffon, as can cut nicely but can produce a hole.

Preparing the Fabric

Once you choose the fabric then consume some amount of time to make it ready for the laser etching process. You will need to make sure that your chosen fabric should lay as flat as possible in the laser machine. And for this, you can use tape or magnets to hold the fabric in a flat manner.

In addition, use a tape or markers to select the best location for the laser etching. Keep in mind to mark the final length also by laying your apparel flat.

Upload & Optimize Your Image

After preparing the fabric then you will need to focus on the image which you want to place on your desire cloth. If you have downloaded the image through the internet then you must check its compatibility with the software you use for the laser etching. The internet has makes it easy to explore any laser printing required material or Laser Etching Quote quickly.

Optimize your image for the laser etching process by resizing or adding text. Set a standard resolution for laser processing.

Test on Scrap Piece

If you are engaging in the laser etching activity for the first time then the chances of mistake are higher. Hence it is recommended for you to use an extra piece of the same fabric to test your skills. Ensure to start with a simple design and manmade fabric at first and try organic fabric when you get experience.

In case you don’t possess an extra piece of cloth then you can test on the inside bottom of the attire. By doing this you could easily check the first version of your laser etching. Remember to kick off the process with a low setting especially when testing. Make sure to use nitrogen for your air contribution.

Customize Your Etch Laser

In order to perform laser etching on your desire cloth, you will need to customize the setting of your machine. All you will need to do is to select the kind of the fabric on the laser machine.

After it, pressed the print option to make your dreamed image come true. If you want to print different images on different fabric then make setting accordingly.