Gold Bangles- A Jewellery Wardrobe Essential

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As I sit to write on Jewellery essentials nothing strikes my thought other than gold bangles. Each one of us has memories of those lovely hands with gold bangles. The shine of the gold bangles and the warmth of our mother’s hand augment each other in a perfect harmony. Gold bangles have always been a part of our journey, traditionally children are adorned with gold black bead bangles, kadas, adjustable bangles etc all throughout their childhood. We all have some impressions of gold bangles in our lives.

 Indian traditions have a lot to tell why one should wear bangles, standing the test of time, bangles have always been evergreen in the Jewellery essential list. Gold bangles come in different styles, sizes, designs, weight ranges, Karats and for different occasions. One cannot escape the beauty of a bangle filled hand, making subtle clinks and when they are gold bangles the sounds are even precious. Buying designer gold bangles online has now become easy with an array of options available. There are a number of online portals who offer free trail services and video shopping for you to choose from.

Diamond Vs Gold Bangles

Precious bangles are most likely divided into two firstly gold bangles and the second are the diamond bangles. Diamond bangles price in comparison to their counterparts i.e. gold bangles are costly. However, drawing comparison between gold bangles and diamond bangles is not wise as each of them have their own edge. It also largely depends on the affordability of the individual customer. Diamond bangles are preferred by woman largely for the purpose of office, occasion, and keepsake as they are very subtle, light weighted, elegant and have a sublime delicacy when worn. Gold bangles on the other hand are sturdy, apt as daily wear, more affordable, have greater resale flexibility and are available at every mom and pop Jewellery store. Another important factor ruling the purchase of the diamond bangles is the reliability of the Jeweller. Since diamonds cannot be assessed by a common man, the customer always floats in an ounce of doubt on the quality of diamonds. Hence it is always preferred to buy diamond bangles from a reputed Jeweller. Gold bangles on the other hand can be easily identified for quality from any local goldsmith.

Where to buy Gold and Diamond bangles?

The question of where to buy bangles always haunts us with the advent of a number of Jewellers and even larger number of online portals. Firstly, it is important for us to freeze a price range example a simple online search for gold bangles price in the range of fifty thousand to one lakh would give us several pages. But what is important is for us to decide on the weight and price and then finalize workmanship and design.

Secondly, It is ideal to buy from reputed Jewellers who have both online and store presence than simple choose a newbie online portal with a remote office address that is not well within your proximity. Also, a small research about the number of years the Jeweller is in the industry also gives us a fair idea on the Jewellers commitment. Once you have zeroed down on the first two points the third and the prime most is the quality of gold or diamonds sold by the Jeweller. Their online portals always display the quality or even otherwise one phone call to their customer service would help us understand the quality and certification they adhere to. Fourth, you can always look for offers and seasonal discounts that are running and make the most of it. Another point worth considering is their customer centric approach and the design range.

 Some Jewellers like Vaibhav Jewellers Vizag go an extra mile to glade customers qualms on buying diamond bangles, they give a sneak peek to customers on the quality of diamonds, and details about inclusions or the black marks, cut, carats etc by personally helping them test the diamond with the help of an eye loupe in customer’s presence. This sort of customer centricity would surely lure people to them.

I would leave you here to let you experience the joy of researching, shopping and craft your own bangle story!!!