How can I buy the best concealer?

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Let be honest with yourself! We all use concealer to have a smooth and shiny skin. We can't spend a single day or a single event without this magical product. I must say it is just amazing. Concealer is one of my favorite makeup product because it is the thing that makes our face fresh and shiny. Not only this, it hides and cover all the pimples, spots and dark circles on your face and make your face smooth and balance.

Concealer is the base or the pillar of the whole makeup. If you use the right concealer your makeup will be perfect and will give you a totally new and beautiful look. On the other hand, if you are not using the right concealer, then your makeup may make you horrible.

I will not be wrong if I say that concealer can have scary and alluring effects on your face. If you use the right concealer than it can make you shine. On the other hand, using the wrong concealer can make your life horrible. The choice is yours!

Of course, we all want to live a beautiful life and want to look more glamorous and pretty than before. If you also want the life full of glamourous than consider this mega guide and buy the best concealer for yourself.

Buying the best concealer for yourself requires a number of factors to consider. But before going into those details you must know the type of concealers.

Types of concealers:

There are different types of concealers that are best for different skin types and for different purposes. Concealers are available in the following forms:

  • Cream Concealers

  • Liquid Concealers

  • Balm Concealers

  • Stick concealers

Basically, concealer is available in the above four forms. Each concealer is best in its own way. The difference lies in the type of your skin and the purpose for which you are using the concealer. For instance, creamy concealers are best for dry skin. If you use stick concealer on dry skin it will make patches on your skin. Similarly, balm concealers are best to cover and hide dark circles under your eye.

Now the trend of color concealer is increasing. You can buy the concealer in different classy colors like yellow, green, orange etc. As a matter of fact, these color concealers give the best coverage and make your skin fresh and glamorous free from spots and dark circles.

After knowing the details and types of concealers you must find out the best concealer for your skin. Here is 10 best concealer you must try because they will make your face smooth and will hide all the spots and pimples on your face. Moreover, figure out which is the best concealer for your skin.

Follow the below key points while buying the best concealer for your face:

  • The type of your skin

  • The color of your skin

  • The type of foundation

  • The purpose of concealer

Type of skin:

Before buying the concealer, analyze your skin first. As there are different types of concealers for different skin types. If you have dry skin then go for liquid concealer or creamy concealer. Similarly, if you have oily skin than using the liquid concealer can cause blunders. Therefore, don’t go for liquid concealers for oily skin. In the case of oily skin, go for stick concealers or the concealers that can hide your oil and give a fresh look. But before buying the concealer you must know the type of your skin.

The color of the skin or skin tone:

Skin tone or skin color matters a lot while choosing the concealer. Moreover, if you have huge pimples and spots on your skin than you must go for full coverage concealers. On the other hand, if you have dark circles under your eye then you can go for balm concealers. Balm concealers are best for covering dark circles.

Whereas liquid concealers are perfect for covering the face spots. If you have red spots or pimples on your face and you want to get rid of them by hiding it. Then go for liquid concealers. They will provide the best coverage.

On the other hand, concealers are available in different colors, you must choose the concealer according to the color of your skin.

Type of foundation:

The type of foundation you are using makes a difference on your face. In fact, there a link between foundation and concealer. The type and color of foundation matter a lot while buying the concealer. For instance, if you are using powder foundation, then creamy concealer is perfect. Moreover, apply creamy concealer before foundation, it will give a smooth look to your face and cover all the spots on your face.  

Purpose of concealer:

The most important factor to consider while buying the concealer is to know why you are using the concealer. Sometimes, foundation and bb cream are enough to give a flawless look and for shiny and glamorous. But if you have spots on your face and have dark circles then use the best concealer. Moreover, there are different types of concealers and each concealer have a different purpose. Some are good for covering dark circles while some are best for covering and hiding pimples. So, first identify the purpose of using the concealer and then choose the best concealer for your skin.

So, choose the best concealer according to the color and type of your skin and start living a life free from spots and dark circles.