How to Make Thin Lips Look Full and Lush

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Girls always want to add some extra oomph to her pout. Well, guess what...You dont need to spend an hour on your makeup. Before wearing woman lipsticks, to make thin lips appear fuller and plumper we need to create brightness and shadows.  All you need are a few simple tricks. 

Start with a clean canvas

Before all the step, you have to make sure to exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead skin, soften them and allow your lipstick to go on smoothly. This also helps increase blood circulation and help plump up your lips a bit while giving it a nice flushed color naturally. Apply a small amount of lip balm and any leftover foundation from your sponge or brush lightly over your lips so you can start with a clean canvas.

Go outside the lines

If you want a fabulous full lip then you better use a lip liner before you put on the lipsticks. Pick a neutral shade like nude or a pinkish-nude and line around the outside line of your lips and blend it. This really helps a lot for you fuller lips.

Highlighting makes all the difference

Just like how you use it on your cheekbones, highlighter has the same accentuating effect on your lips. It can help your lips to appear by creating an illusion of light around them

Color me happy

Using better color will make you pop. Glossy lipsticks which is the best lipstick for the woman to look fuller and shine. It reflects light and gives your pout a pumper effect.

Make it juicy

Lip gloss one kind of woman lipstick helps create a fuller appearance in the center of your lips which can be light-reflecting your pout. You can also try to blend 2 lipsticks together for an ombre effect.


Use these tips and tricks to make your lips shine and become the center of attention. Adding multiple colors and shapes of the best lipsticks for your lips. Lets shine together!! Come to Mamamya, find out the lipsticks which are suitable for you.