Ideas to make your 18th Anniversary special

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Make your years that went by and all the years to come, count. Surprise your wife by choosing the perfect diamond bangle designs that will look splendid on your 18th anniversary!


If you are too late to remember your wedding anniversary next week to plan something special for your wife, we have a few suggestions for you. Wedding anniversaries are special to celebrate the togetherness, the beautiful bond you both share. Yes, love need not be said, it can be always shown, but you need to say it too at least on special occasions, like an anniversary. With almost two decades of living together you know almost everything about each other and are so sucked up in a busy life, you hardly get some time to spend with each other. Here are some ways to tell her that she is special for you and wouldn’t take much of your time to plan this stuff.


Dinner Date
A surprise dinner date always works. And planning a surprise dinner doesn’t take much advance time. You could buy a dress and send it to her workplace in which she should dress and come to the place. Chose a place you and her are familiar with so that it doesn’t take much time to settle in. Order the food with you both like, deserts, music, soft lighting and make the evening just perfect. And don’t forget to click beautiful pictures of her so that she could successfully envy her friends.


Two-day getaway
This would take a little advance time to plan, but if you are lucky you can make it look like you have been planning it since quite a long to her. In these busy times, it could be difficult for you guys to get some together time, this weekend getaway or a two-day getaway would work wonders. Could do some adventure together, maybe hiking or underwater diving.


Gift Jewellery
If she is a jewelry fan, you are sorted. You can gift her diamond bangles with beautiful bangle designs, necklace, pretty earrings and much more. Diamond jewelry would surely add to her beauty and happiness. With the GIA certification in diamond, you wouldn’t be under the fear of being cheated too. With jewelry, you don’t want to have a situation where what if she doesn’t like the design. You could casually take her to roam around and see what she picks and doesn’t buy it then, gift her on the anniversary day.


You can cook for her; maybe something for her favorite cuisine. Give your dining table a restaurant table like feel. Be her server. Make her feel special. Remind her how much she means to you, remind her of how special she is. If you are a bad cook, you can get dinner cooked by someone, maybe a friend. She will surely appreciate the effort.


Anniversaries are the reminders of the beautiful times you both have spent together. The occasion is very special for both of you and not planning for the day is not something you would want. Have a nice anniversary!