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For perfume aficionados, owning two or three perfumes are never enough. They love to try out new fragrances, change them with the changing trends and season, flaunt the designer bottles and keep their fragrances with them wherever they go. However, it might sound easy and useful to have a perfume bottle handy wherever you go, it can get a tad bit hectic for the person carrying the bottle around. And the constant fear of dropping the bag or breaking the bottle placed inside with a slight jerk can be a nerve-wracking affair.

Seeing this plight of the perfume lovers, several brands launched mini perfumes to reduce their hassles. These are small perfume bottles, having a quantity of about 10-20 ml. Mini fragrances can be of the same design as the bigger bottle or a different one, no matter, these are quite a hit with perfume lovers who are always on the go. Adding a bit of modernistic touch to the popular miniature fragrances, Scent Shot a new fragrance range of miniature scent is here to change the way you smell. a revolutionary concept that has every bit of functionality one can ask for.

Who can use it?

Scent Shot is designed keeping in mind the fashionable and adventurous people in mind. Since the new generation is always on the go, travelling to work, for pleasure or for business, it can get difficult for them to keep a track of their perfume. Shots available here are conveniently sized to fit into your clutches, handbag, pockets, briefcases and cars. With a bullet-like a shape, it does not take much space making it rather easy for travellers, busy workaholics and party goers to carry it everywhere with them.

For adventure travellers going on backpacking trails through countries and trekking on mountains, this is a blessing in disguise. Every box of Scent Shot contains a carry case that allows you to keep the perfume vial safe and sound even on treacherous trails. It is also sealed with silicon so there I no risk of leakage in the luggage or your bag which can often happen with regular fragrances or travel size perfume bottles.

Many options to choose from:

Owning as many perfumes as possible is a dream of every fragrance lover. But, due to the size and shape, it can be rather difficult to carry them around everywhere. With Scent Shot box, you can get 7 international perfumes from 7 different brands allowing you to use a new perfume every day for the week. Each fragrance is unique, matching different moods and occasions you like to adorn with fragrances. Just place the perfume vial in the carry case and you are good to go. This assortment of perfumes can also come in handy when you are leaving for a long trip and want to stay fresh all the time.

Benefits of mini perfumes:

If you have never tried miniature fragrances, it is time to take a step towards them. These small sized perfume bottles are very user-friendly, better than the big bottles. Here are some benefits that will surely lure you towards these little bottles of wonder:

  • Fits in your busy lifestyle well: If you are someone who stays on the go all the time, these are just right for you. You can either place it in your pocket, handbag or toiletry travel bag while stepping out. The carry case is designed to be sleek so that it fits your busy lifestyle well without being a burden on you.
  • Approved for flights: Often carrying a perfume or more than 2 perfumes causes an with the flight security check. However, you can easily carry perfume scent shot with you in your carry on luggage or checked in luggage. The vials are small having a of 5ml, which is approved by all the flight security checks. Moreover, these are sealed with silicon that can bear the pressure inside the aeroplane once it has taken off.
  • Easy to carry around: As compared to the bigger perfume bottles, these are very small and easy to carry. It will you down with its weight. Just put it in your handbag, clutch bag or pocket if you do not wish to travel bulky. This often comes in handy while going for dinner dates and club nights where you do not wish to carry a lot of things, yet smell amazing.

Mini perfumes are here to make your life better and with products like Online Perfume Scent Shot, it is possible to smell amazing all the time without getting into any hassle or carry big perfume bottles everywhere you go. So, go ahead, choose what perfume you love in miniature size, and enjoy the unbeatable freshness all day long, wherever you go.

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