Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas for Your BFF’s Big Day

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Recently, I was at my best friend's wedding. Bridesmaid duties got me so busy that I kept postponing the wedding gift until I realized there's no time left to do something wonderful. But Bone China Crockery wasn’t an option and I had no time to think. Umm, Shagun ka Lifafa? Bad, very bad idea! Well, my mom suggested that I gift her a gold pendant with the initial letters of the couple’s names designed on it. Cool, isn't it?


When it's your best friend's wedding, your gift needs to stand out in a sea of Juicer Mixer Grinders, Lemon Sets, Lamps, and the kind. Your gift needs to be meaningful. It needs to be something your friend wished for. It needs to be special. Don't panic if you're sailing the same boat. I have dug deep and curated this list of unique wedding gift ideas for your best friend's ultimate wedding present.

10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Best Friends

1. Customized Jewelry

Just like me, you can get your best friend a cute pendant with the couple's names or the initial letters. Maybe design a special ring and get it made. This gift will stay with her forever and she'll remember you every time she wears it.

2. Couple Spa Session

The biggest event of someone’s life comes with a cost. Give your best friend and her man a retreat after the tiring wedding madness. A luxurious and relaxing spa voucher makes for a perfect gift. Trust me, they need it and they'll bless you in abundance for this.

3. Customized Hamper

Decorating the first house together is not just exciting but also memorable. Create a cute hamper for your best friend with decorative items, crystal vases, paintings, customized photo frames, etc.

4. Quirky Caricature

Caricatures are unique and cute. Decorate their drawing room with this quirky gift they'll never stop praising. Caricatures are in trend and it's definitely one of the best gifts to give. Your girl and her man will definitely love this gift.

5. Coordinating His & Her Trolley

There's absolutely no bride who doesn't like couple coordination. Girls are a fan of everything coordinated, be it t-shirts or suitcases. You can, without doubt, get her a His & Her trolley. You can also get customized luggage tags made for the couple.

6. Makeup Hamper

The bride-to-be definitely needs to keep the happy glow months after her wedding. Get her a luxury make-up gift hamper and let her shine bright like a diamond. A beautiful pack from Bath & Body Works, Kama Ayurveda or Forest Essential would be the perfect gift.

7. Amazon Echo or Google Home

There's nobody who doesn't want something as amazing as these devices. Consider gifting the bride and groom these devices that are not just phone and shopping assistants but can also play them relaxing music at one command.

8. Gift Cards

In case you were caught up with the bridesmaid's duties till the last moment, Gift Cards can come to your rescue. Do not risk the idea of getting something that your girl might not like. Load a gift card of her favorite brand and let her splurge at her heart's desire.

9. A Sponsored Weekend Getaway

Gift the happy couple an after-honeymoon weekend getaway package to help them drown out the wedding chaos. Honeymoons are as tiring as the weekend and so, a small weekend trip would be perfect to help them relax and come back afresh.

10. Wedding Scrapbook

No amount of material gifts can match the efforts you will put to bring that smile on her face. Gift her a Wedding Scrapbook to etch the memories of her special day forever on a beautiful book. Trust me, efforts matter most!

I hope you liked these ideas and in case there’s anything I missed out from your list, let me know in the comment section. Gear up to win the award of the World's Best Bridesmaid with these wedding gift ideas and take your friendship a notch higher.