Things You Should Consider Before Buying Car Mats

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Even if your car is old or it's brand new, you'd always want to keep its interior clean and protected. Moreover, if you reside in a heavy rainfall area, then indeed, your car's floor will often get piled up in the mud. As a result, soon, you might decide to purchase some new mats for your vehicle. However, you might feel confused about choosing the only one due to the multiple varieties available in the market. 

But don't worry because we're here to help you with all kinds of interior accessories for cars. So, let's first begin with types of car mats, and then we'll discuss other factors. By the end of this article, we hope that you'll be able to choose the right type of floor mat for your vehicle. Let's get started: 

Types Of Car Mats Available In The Market

Generally, we have two different types of car mats available in the market. These two categories are as follows: 

  1. Universal Fit Mats

  2. Custom-Fit Mats

Apart from this, Custom-Fit Mats can also be further classified into two categories known as Semi Coverage and Max Coverage Mats. Now, let's discover a bit more about all three types of car floor mats:

  • Universal Fit Mats: Universal Fit Mats are not the right category to fit the car's floor perfectly. However, these all-weather mats can offer decent protection from ordinary dirt or dust to a limited floor area. Moreover, you'll not have to spend some extra money as Universal Fit Mats are very budget-friendly and readily available. 

  • Semi Coverage Mats: With the idea of providing more protection than Universal Fit, Semi Coverage Mats can offer better coverage. However, if you're looking for a Semi Coverage Mat for your vehicle, then you might only get it at its dealerships or official third-party vendors. 

  • Max Coverage Mats: Lastly, Max Coverage Mats are the ideal option if you're hoping to cover the entire floor area. Moreover, these excellent style mats can also improve the overall looks of your car's interior. But, compared to the other categories, these mats might prove quite expensive on your budget. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Factor

While choosing a floor mat for your car, you might want to choose one that requires the least cleaning efforts. Indeed, nobody likes to spend hours only cleaning the floor mats. Thus, here are a few points which you should keep in mind before buying the next mat for your vehicle: 

  • Firstly, most Universal Mats are made from either carpets or rubber. But, Carpeted Mats don't repel the water or mud. Instead, they absorb it further, due to which it can quickly leave some stains with an unpleasant smell as well. 

  • Secondly, many Rubber Mats come with deep fissures to prevent any liquids from flowing. However, due to these deep crevices, an unpleasant look can form up as soon as they dry up. 

  • Lastly, most Custom-Fit Mats have depthless crevices, due to which you can easily clean any dirt or dust. Thus, if you're someone who believes in DIY, these mats will require the least amount of time. 

Our Verdict

As always, it all comes down to your specific needs and preferences only. Thus, if you believe the Universal Mats are sufficient enough for your car's floor, then there's nothing wrong with it. 


However, if you're someone who prefers a more stylish look to blend with your car's interior, then Custom-Fit Mats might be the best option for you. But remember that while Universal Mats have some limitations, they're still among the most affordable options.  


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