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As a sportsman, it is important it is important to stay fit, not just because it will help you by increasing your stamina but there is a more important thing to it too. One such thing which is very important these days in almost every sport is a good vertical leap. Especially if you are not among the tallest individual on the playing field, a good vertical leap will help you overcome your weakness. In modern days, the athletes are becoming fitter which is resulting in more and better competition for every game. In this article, we will guide you through some vertical jump exercises that will help you increase your vertical jump. Although you should not expect an overnight miracle doing these but doing these with dedication will surely show you some dramatic gains over a short period of time.




A good vertical leap relies a lot on strong legs. One of the most basic and effective exercise to gain leg strength is squats. Squats can be done easily done easily at home or any other place of your liking without any equipment. Start with 3 sets of the number of reps you are comfortable with and you can add more as you get better. You can also do weighted squats for a faster workout and better effectiveness.


Jump squats:


Another variation of squats, the jump squats in addition to increasing your leg strength will help you with explosive and better power delivery to the ground. Better power delivery and using your strength to full effectiveness is one of the most essential factors for a better leap. Jump squats are just your regular squats with a jump as you get back up. You can try more variations of squats as you progress like squat jumps to armpits and box jump squats.


Box jumps:


Almost every vertical jump trainer will recommend you some sort of plyometrics. One of the most important plyometric exercises is a box jump. Take a box that can hold your weight and has a manageable height for you to jump. Place it on the ground and stand a couple of steps back from it. Jump explosively on the box lifting both of your legs at once. When on the box stay in the crouch jump backward on the ground. Try 3 sets of 5 reps for a startup and increase as you get comfortable.


nitrate on your thigh muscles but they are not the only muscles that need to gain strength. For better power delivery, you need to concentrate on your calf muscles too. Calf rises is an easy and simple exercise that can be done at your home with no equipment. Stand at your toes and have all of your body weight concentrated on your toes. Start lowering your toes and just before your feet touch the ground raise them back up. Do 3 sets of 8 reps for startup and later increase or add some weights for some innovation.


Although these exercises will help you jump higher and better in a few days what is important with these vertical jump exercises is dedication and practice. Also, do not forget to include at least one full rest day per week which will help your muscle to relax and better progress.

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