With Instagram having more than 800 million active users monthly, the photo-sharing platform is best to grow your e-commerce store with little or zero budget. Even if you have fewer followers, you can leverage this platform to increase fan following and reach out to your targeted audience organically. When we say that no budget, we mean it literally! That is because Instagram is that platform to boost your online sales without wasting your hard-earned money on paid ads. Here are three tips to help you in your endeavors:

1. Focus on the Rule of Thirds

According to an article published on, you should use the rule of thirds to communicate your brand message to your targeted audience without being overly promotional. The rule of third entails:

Conversational posts: It means those Instagram posts that inspire your customers to interact with your brand, start a conversation to be precise. You can communicate with your followers through quizzes, contests, and giveaways.

Promotional posts: It signifies those posts that are related to your business and its product or service offerings. You can post images or videos of your company’s event or new product launch through promotional posts.

Sharing posts: You can share industry-related news or choose to cross-promote with customers, bloggers, or other brands.

Now, you need to determine which of the above will work for your e-commerce business. We recommend that you cross-collaborate and focus on giveaways to quickly boost your fan following and attain real Instagram followers.

2. Ensure All Posts Reflect Your Brand Image

Plan your content very carefully because Instagram believes in aesthetic appeal. Some brands use product and lifestyle photos alternatively. A few e-commerce business owners choose a single filter and use the same across the board. No matter what is your creative vision, stick to your strategy religiously so that your feed narrates a persuasive brand story and communicates the lifestyle of your targeted audience.

If you sell fashion apparel for women, use images of real women in your feed. Make sure you use high quality and controlled images of cherry-picked models to grow your e-commerce business.

3. Do Hashtag Research to Save Your Time

You know that hashtags play a very significant role on Instagram, as they let your content appear in user search and attract new buyers. Therefore, take some time out, research in advance, and curate hashtags to save time every day. For example, you can save notes on your smartphone or tablet and make a list of the possible hashtags related to your business. Choose hashtags for each type of visuals that you would post. You also need to update these hashtags on a periodic basis because hashtags change based on trends. Avoid overusing them and stick to the most relevant ones. Keep the user experience in mind and curate the hashtags accordingly.


Now that you know how to use Instagram to grow your e-commerce business; take the leap of faith. Though this is not a comprehensive list, you can use these tips to drive user engagement on Instagram to drive your e-commerce sales.