6 Rules for a Beginner Digital Marketer

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Recommendations that will help to avoid mistakes in the first stages and always be aware of current trends and innovations.

Engineers, linguists, lawyers - people with a wide range of experience and education come to digital marketing. First, they will have to master the basic things that an experienced Internet marketer does on the machine, and only then proceed to a detailed study of technologies and tools. This digital knowledge is transferred from seniors to younger ones, they have suffered through hundreds of hours of work, dozens of fakaps and millions of money spent.

Make backups of information
You work at a laptop, drink aromatic coffee - vzhuh! - one awkward hand movement, and the media plan, which you considered the last 3 hours, reports for the last two days of work and the archive for the client for one and a half years are filled with hot drink and are completely lost. There is simply no time for experience, you need to solve something.

An experienced marketer is likely to be upset because of this turn of events, but this will not be an irreparable tragedy for him, because all the working files should be stored in the cloud: Google, Yandex, Dropbox and other analogues. It is enough to open another laptop, enter your usernames - and the world is saved, all the information is in place.

If changes need to be noted - either the task has changed, or the edits were initially erroneous, an advertising campaign backup will come to the rescue, saving time and nerves. To do this, it is not necessary to do unloadings and collect them in the archive, it is enough to regularly download fully accounts in Google Editor and Direct. Commander on different computers.

Monitor security - remember passwords
A digital marketer at an agency usually leads several projects - access to different advertising systems, call tracking and analytics services. And there is customer data that can not be lost.

How to take care of passwords:

use long passwords with alternating numbers and symbols - you can use a password generator;

do not store passwords on paper;

do not remember passwords in the browser;

Do not store passwords on your computer in a file called “password” or “password” —one virus is enough to steal this data.

Technological solution - the so-called "controllers" passwords. For many years I have been using the LastPass service, which generates passwords, remembers and automatically applies them.

You should also take care of the security of your computer or laptop: set up an automatic blocking in case of loss / theft or just a prying eye. Our agency has a corporate standard of 30 seconds - the device is automatically blocked if it is not used more than that time.

I advise you to delve into the settings and put a password and automatic blocking on the laptop, even if your company does not have such security requirements, but you also occasionally work in public places like cafes or coworkings.

One hundred times to check - one download
Experts also make mistakes, only unlike beginners, they independently find and correct their jambs. The skill of self-testing, searching for errors in an advertising campaign and auditing one's own results is gained in the first year of work of a specialist. A beginner can take up to 30% of the time to work on a task for self-checking, and rightly so!

Search for grammar, syntax errors and typos
It is better to do this at the boot file stage. Even the school "five" will not protect against mistakes if you promote a specific product. Remember the built-in error checking functions in the software. For example, to find a typo in a word in Excel, you can use the function Review >> Spelling.   

Remember the cunning of numbers
Performance marketers make decisions based on the data obtained, so it is important to take into account the possible deceptiveness of numbers. This is a serious issue, which deals with statistics and probability theory. Start with Daryl Huff's How To Lie With Statistic book if you haven't studied subjects in depth. It is written in simple and understandable language - it will take three to four hours to read.  

Erroneous conclusion about cause and effect
“After” does not mean “because of”. For example, you analyze the results, you see a sharp drop in the number of applications after changing the bet management marketing strategy and you conclude that the strategy is ineffective and you need to return to the previous setting. But at the same time, you do not take into account seasonality, which shows a strong decrease in demand for goods - in reality, this is what led to a decrease in the number of available impressions and clicks, an increase in CPC and a further increase in CPA.

When analyzing two samples, you need to make sure that the comparison is valid.

The indicator used incorrectly describes the state of things.
For example, when making CPA optimization in a limited budget, draw conclusions based on the number of conversions, not CR. Increase conversion rates, "twist" this campaign for a month, and eventually see that the cost of the application has tripled.

The screenshot below shows the number of targeted visits with the goal of “placing an order”, that is, cases when conversion was achieved. The largest number of conversions accounted for an audience of 25-34 years.

We Summarize
The accumulation of experience does not occur in a few days or even weeks, so you need to prepare for the fact that in the process of developing your skills you cannot avoid mistakes. The question is how to reduce the frequency of fakaps, the task is to minimize the damage.

Most of the shoals in the first stages are due to ignorance or misunderstanding of the basic things that experts do on the machine. Keep these recommendations to concentrate on learning new technologies, tools, mechanics and promotion strategies. And everything else comes with experience, and of course, the desire to become a cool specialist.

Briefly repeat the rules:

Remember backups and never store information on the same media;

Security is above all - be careful with passwords;

We check errors. And then we recheck;

Rereading the help sites;

Constantly learning and pumping their skills;

We take into account the cunning of statistics, optimizing advertising based on data.