Does if Suffice to Focus on SEO Alone?

Category: Technology


A simple and straight forward answer is ‘not really’. SEO was the big thing once and it still is because it helps loads when you are trying to rank better on Google. However, if your digital marketing plan is to go by SEO alone then you have it wrong all along. Digital marketing is a diverse field which comprises of hundreds of different strategies and SEO is just one of them. It is indeed one of the most important but here we emphasize the fact that content is just as important as SEO.


Here are a few pointers to give you some direction on why relying on SEO alone is not a great strategy to use. 


1.    Google Prioritizes Users


Google is a search engine that wants to stay in the competition and that is only achieved when it shows the most relevant content to users. Otherwise, users will move on to another search engine.


This said, it is fairly reasonable to make out that Google would not put you on their first page if your SEO alone is on point, it has to make sure that you would benefit users. Therefore, if your website (or business) has the capability to organically make it to the first page, then you shouldn’t worry too much about SEO or paying google.


Your site is only ranked high when it is benefitting users.


2.    Focus on Your Content


Given that Google has to make sure that your website is beneficial for users, it makes this happen through content. Content is in many ways more important than your digital marketing strategy if you want to come to the first-page competition.


Many companies focus on spending more money on digital marketing and less money on content creation. Now the thing is that money spent on content is like a long-term investment whereas digital marketing is like a one-time thing. Moreover, you should also know that high-quality content lasts on google and slowly gains a higher rank on the algorithm. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on high-quality content rather than on SEO and marketing alone.


3.    Google’s Algorithms are Getting Difficult to Crack


Until a while ago, SEO hacks and shortcuts would get you a higher rank on google. However, Google is getting smarter with time. It is getting more and more difficult to find shortcuts and tricks that can give you a better ranking on Google.


Therefore, if you rely on SEO alone to give you a higher ranking, you are thinking in a time different from now. Today, Google algorithms rank your website on the basis of a number of factors and content is more important than SEO for a better ranking. You can’t simply crack the algorithm with better SEO.


4.    Spend Money on Social Media Profile Building Instead of SEO


As said earlier, SEO is a short-term investment and it does not guarantee a higher ranking. However, if you spend this money on social media profile building then you have a permanent audience which can easily reach you. Google ranks those pages better where users are spending a longer amount of time. Alternatively, you could include an internal search option on your website which will get people to search and stay longer. Moreover, this will also help you understand what people look for and you can model your content accordingly.

Many website owners focus on SEO for a better ranking on Google and while this may have worked a few years ago, it won’t work today. Although SEO is a very important tool for higher ranking, you should focus on other strategies as well.Rregarding this many software houses are providing the SEO services in Lahore.