Finding Genuine Kodi Add-ons and the Best VPN Server

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If you are struggling to find featured and fully-functional Kodi add-ons for 2019 for your entertainment needs, here we will discuss a few. In fact, the majority of the Kodi addons now are not fully stable and may put off themselves on facing any legal issues or so. So, even on finding the Kodi add-ons for your purpose, the best option of the times may not be stable for all the times, and you have to keep yourself updated on this.


Now, let’s explore some of the best 2019 Kodi addons.


10 top existing Kodi add-ons for 2019


1. DeathStar


This name may be familiar to the seasoned Kodi users. The latest release from DeathStar is has helped it to rise in the ranks. It includes other add-ons too like One Click, Leviticus, House of Blue, etc.


2. Wolf Pack


Wolf Pack and Medium are by the same developer. The latest version of Medium comes with an additional set of exciting features.


3. Midian


It had been offline for a while and now back again with some new categories and fresh content. It is one of the best choices to watch movies, TV series, sports, cartoons, anime along with many options of live streaming well.


4. Chronos


Even though Chronos is a new one among Kodi addons, it features a lot of fresh content categories covering almost everything. The major attraction is a selection of about 12 Austrian channels.


5. Atom Reborn


Atom Reborn is considered as an all-in-one addon where you can watch almost all kinds of content including 4K Ultra HD movies and live TV channels too.


6. Scrubs v2


Along with normal content, Scrubs v2 offers some very interesting extra subcategories too as podcasts, trailers, and movie reviews, etc. Built on the Exodus code, Scrubs v2 has intuitive filtering and navigation options.


7. 13 Clowns


This addon also uses Exodus code with many fresh categories. Apart from movies and TV shows, you can watch a lot of documentaries and fitness videos, etc.


8. Sanity


It is a newly released addon from Sandman repository. You have to become a member of it and sign up to get an account. However, the add-on offers rich content fully working links.


9. Loki


Loki is there for a year now and released their newer version recently. The categories are wider including TV shows, movies, stand-up specials, documentaries, cartoons, music, sports, Christmas, etc.


10. Monster Munch


Monster has a unique approach by combining vastly different content including live TV channels and radio stations, and CCTV lives feed from across the globe.


Before trying to install any Kodi add-ons, it is important to make sure that you are fully safe on its usage. So, the primary need is to use a good VPN for the following reason:


  • The risk of use of illegal Kodi add-ons can be eradicated with a VPN: There are maybe risky and illegal content in Kodi add-ons and build while you are trying to access the latest movies, sports, music, etc. for free. ISP providers may have monitored your activities. Using a good VPN will help hide your identity while streaming the Kodi content.


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