Solar energy is the latest trend of renewable energy generation. It is the forward step in direction of Eco-friendly earth. We all know about non-renewable energy source that can harmful to our environment. In coming years non-renewable energy sources are replaced by renewable energy sources.

Sun is an unlimited source of solar energy. When solar energy come out of the sun most of that energy goes off into space, but about 174 Quadrillion watts reach to earth surface. By the start of 2050, solar energy could become the major source of energy generation. Solar energy is generated by the sun oriented rays to produce electricity. Solar panel is used to capture the sun radiation at their surface and converted into electricity.

Our solar technologies efficiency increase day by day thanks to the solar energy researcher which are working day and night for complete the initiative of clean our environment and become green energy world. Solar energy is good source of power for the environment. Solar energy is for clean source of energy.

In India, solar energy industry is the expending industry in energy generation. Solar energy Installation Company in India is now finding a growth in this industry also government will start new schemes for solar energy companies. Government also give subsidy to homeowner which install solar panels at their home in energy tariff.

Solar panels installation has many benefits beside low bill tariff. Those are some benefits on solar panel installation.

  1. Solar energy help in good environment

Solar energy is a clean source of energy. There is no toxic gases, carbon components, and water pollution content in it which harmful for environment. Solar energy purely generated from sun ray. Solar panel installation at your roof top or exterior mounting can give you self-sufficient energy for your house and also connected you with green earth revolution.

  1. Off grid your home

Right now all our house electrical equipment is run on fossil fuel energy or power. Fossil fuel are limited sources like coal and natural gases which had dangerous effected on environment but solar is an endless source of energy and make you independent from fossil fuel energy.

By the use of solar energy system you can low cost power energy.

  1. You can build system at your home

Presently you can see solar panel system at many places like your office, metro stations, markets, colleges and other huge free area. But did you really need big places to install your solar panel system unit? Answer is no. New technology is introduce in markets now like rooftop solar panels, wall mounted solar panels which generate enough energy for your house electrical equipment’s like TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, and other heavy load. Rooftop solar panels system is very efficient and high power generation system and good for short distance. Researcher is doing research to make house solar system more efficient.




  1. Less electricity loss

Electricity losses are occur in transmission process of power from power plants to end of consumers via electrical cables. Cables are made of copper which generate heat when electric current flow through them. Heat generated in this process produce losses in transmission because some part of electric potential use in heat generation and this is the waste of energy.

  1. No blackout

As we see the power cut or blackout at our houses. By the use of home solar system we are less likely to see power cut or blackout. Solar energy Installation Company in Indiais introducing the solar battery that can save as much energy which is enough to home to light up.

  1. Produce jobs in solar industry

Solar energy installation also help in nation economy. As a demand increase at house solar panel system the more needs will be for companies to install system and men power for it.

  1. Free source of energy

Sun is an unlimited source of energy. Nobody has control on sun rays and no boundary for sun rays. Sun light is free source of energy and once you install solar panels at your home you can use it without paying any money. At the moment when you install solar energy system at your home it will start saving money.

  1. Get subsidy and tax rebates

Solar panels is actually paying us. Government starting promoting solar panel installation system in many ways and starting subsidy scheme in India. MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy- central Government) latest notification, 30% to 90% subsidy will be given on capital cost for all consumers.

  1. 90% on solar water pumping system for farmers.
  2. 70% for hill areas like Himachal, Uttarakhand & Jammu-Kashmir.
  3. 30% for all states of India.

Solar panel Installation at your home is a great step toward Eco friendly nation or world.

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