How to Upload OST to Office 365 in a Safe and Reliable Way

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How to Upload OST to Office 365: Learn the Complete Procedure

Exchange connected Outlook users have their offline copy of Outlook data stored in OST file. Often, users need to know how to upload OST file to Office 365, as they do not know the approach. The process of importing an OST file in O365 account is undoubtedly a complex one, but do not worry. We will be guiding you to perform this data transfer by sharing a step-by-step instruction. All you need to do now is to read this blog carefully and perform the steps correctly. Let’s go straight to the main point without wasting any more time.

Know How To Import OST File into Office 365 Manually

Before we go to the OST file transfer process, let us understand the situation first. OST file cannot be moved to Office 365. First, users have to convert OST file into PST and then they need to import that file in Office 365 account. Let’s learn about the entire process now.

Part 1: Convert OST to PST

  • Open MS Outlook and click on File>> Open & Import>> Import and Export.
  • Select Export to a file>>Personal Folder File (.pst) on the next pages.
  • Choose the folders you wish to convert and check Include Subfolder.
  • browse to choose the location for PST file and click Finish to get the PST file saved.

Part 2: Import MS Outlook PST Files to Exchange Online

Now comes the main part, which is to upload the PST file in Office 365 account. There are two manual techniques to transfer PST file in Office 365. Both the methods are approved by Microsoft but at the same time, they are complex and hectic beyond imagination. Here we will discuss those techniques in brief.

a) Azure AzCopy

  1. To initiate this process, download and install Azure Azcopy on your system. Then, copy SAS URL which will provide you with the required permission to export PST files to Microsoft Azure.
  2. Now is the time to upload PST file into Office 365. Check if the imported file gets displayed.
  3. Users also have to provide a CSV file containing PST file mapping.
  4. In the end, create PST import job in Office 365.

b) Drive Shipping

  1. In this method, users need to get hold of a hard drive with BitLocker-encryption and copy the PST file content in it.
  2. Send that hard drive to Microsoft physically.
  3. Upon receiving the hard disk, Microsoft will initiate the uploading process of PST files in the Temporary path.
  4. When it is done, Users will be offered the import service to import PST file in Office 365 account.

Limitations of Manual Method to Import OST file into Office 365

  • The above manual method requires strong technical skills to perform this process.
  • This method is time-consuming.
  • Risk of data loss is there.

What Issues Can Occur While Conducting This Method?

As users can understand, to perform these approaches in real life will take a great amount of time and effort. Users these days do not have that much time to spend. Moreover, many do not wish to go through these lengthy methods. That is why there is a soaring demand of OST to PST Converter Tool.

Expert Solution To Resolve The Issue How to Upload OST to Office 365

OST file to PST Converter is a robust utility that serves the purpose of OST to PST conversion. This tool is also used to import OST file directly into Office 365. Users do not need to go through the multi-stage process for importing OST file into Office 365 account. At the same time, it can import the OST file to Office 365 account directly. Additionally, this software offers other features like selective file export, folder hierarchy retention, etc. Here is how you have to operate this tool to know how to upload OST to Office 365.

  1. Launch the software import OST file into office 365 and add your OST file in it. If you do not know where the OST file is, try the Search feature of the application.
  2. All the items will be on display from which, you can choose the necessary ones.
  3. Choose Office 365 as the Export option. Click on Adv. Settings button to enter the required information and apply settings.
  4. Click on the Export button and OST file will get saved in Office 365 mailbox of your choice.


How to upload OST to Office 365 has become such a query that is commonly seen in different forums. Since the process is lengthy and complex, not many people are aware of it. For their convenience, this write-up explained the process completely. From the discussion, users will be able to get clear guidance and conduct the import of OST file to Office 365. If they are not interested to apply the manual technique, the option to use OST to PST Converter is there. The utility will upload your OST file into Office 365 in a seamless manner.