Improve Your Email Newsletter Campaigns With These 6 Best Practices

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Developing winning email campaigns is not easy! Marketers agree that writing an attractive newsletter is extremely challenging. Your customers receive hundreds of dead email newsletters each day. Global B2B Contacts always aims at delivering the best possible marketing knowledge. Here is the list of 6 best practices for sending the responsive email newsletters. It will definitely help you create successful email marketing campaigns.


Goal Setting


Educating your email subscribers should be your primary focus. Buying email lists is not the end. Let your content clearly state what they will be receiving from you in the future. Set your content goals for the newsletter. The content can be related to your products, discounts & offers, how-to-do type, motivational, or services. Understand their need and deliver true value. Mix the promotional emails with storytelling content.


Inform them about the frequency of your email newsletter. Only because you have their email address, do not bombard the inboxes. Plan for either a weekly or monthly newsletter. Practice a routine schedule that in turn increases your brand awareness. Stick to your goals and avoid being considered spam. Aiming for systematic email campaigns saves you time. Consequently, you will mark the reduction in unsubscribe rates.


Mobile Responsive


Email marketing campaigns is not an easy ride to success. The newsletter content quality and device compatibility grasp the major role. You must think about mobile in the first place. Litmus proclaims that emails are opened in mobile by 54% people. This number will tend to grow. Do not forget to make your email newsletter mobile compatible. Check this out before the emails are dropped into your customer's email address.  Get your design team active and start working on mobile responsiveness.


If your email list does not find the content fit on their mobile screen, they lose interest in reading further. Make sure the buttons are large enough and do not irritate fat fingers. Compress the images and improve the loading speed. The design makes an email newsletter inviting. Along with buying email lists, embrace this opportunity to impress your readers. Technology is evolving and accustom to the changes progressively.  


Implement Split Testing


The best way to examine the quality of your newsletter is by split testing. Choose the best subject line, call to action, and content format that converts your subscribers. Now, it's the right time to find different testing ways before rolling out your email campaigns. To get your emails opened, the subject line must be attractive. As per our experience, email marketing campaigns work better with personalized subject lines. In relation to the content copy, your CTA should be planned well.


You need not send out promotional CTA  like "Buy Now" all the time. You can test with subtle CTAs like "Learn More" or "Visit Our Website Now".  The possibilities of improvement you can make to engage your email list are a never-ending process.  Reward your email address with useful and engaging content. Buying email lists will work best only when you can reach a highly targeted audience. As a result, make them buy your products without actually selling.


Engaging Welcome Content


In your first mail, include the memorable welcome copy. The subscribers remember your brand name that in turn boosts email campaigns performance. This helps you to build a long term relationship with your email list. Initially, decide the tone of your newsletter content based on the target market. Sometimes, you need to be professional. Some other times, you need to include a friendly tone. Does your email fall into the promotions tab? Google scans many metrics to decide about the recipient tab.


As a matter of fact, your content must include less number of links and images. It verifies whether the content is receiving good engagement. The best way to avoid your newsletter email campaigns as promotion is informing directly to your readers in the welcome mail. Let them clearly know about what they would be receiving in the future. Ask them to add your newsletter to their inbox. Help them realize the fact that failing which they end up losing important information.