Even though Instagram has the highest engagement levels of all the available social media, social media marketers cannot take it for granted that there will be an automatic boost in user engagement and volume of website traffic. It is a good policy to use one of the many available analytics tools to first find out data on the demographics of the followers, their behavior, and how they are interacting with your content. A quick look at the top analytics tools that you can use to monitor your Instagram account activity:

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is ideal for businesses of every size. The tool delivers all the analytics reports required to monitor your brand and Instagram account performance. Now knowing which Instagram post had the highest level of engagement, what the growth of the followers has been, and many other vital metrics is extremely simple. All the information is made available to assimilate reports so that you don’t waste time and energy explaining the information to others. Not only your own performance, but also the tool enables you to track your competitors for information like the growth of their audiences, frequency of publishing, most common hashtags, and much more.

Simply Measured

Simply Measuredgoes even further in the depth of its analysis with its more powerful features. The tool makes up for the limited reporting capabilities of Instagram Stories by providing detailed insights into follower behavior and engagement such as story replies, post saves, taps forward and back, as well as exits. Additionally, the tool offers other helpful analytics for monitoring brand performance; it is possible to get information on parameters like audience growth, hashtag campaign reach, number of video views, and competitor activity. The tool also makes it possible to track the ROI of your marketing campaigns on Instagram so that you can buy real Instagram likes to improve on it.

Instagram Insights

If the level of your activity on your Instagram account does not make it feasible to buy an analytics tool, you can simply use Instagram Insights that comes bundled along with Instagram for free. However, only business accounts have access to the tool, so it is actually a good incentive for you to switch over from a personal profile to a business profile. Using Instagram Insights, you can find out the number of impressions, the extent of reach, level of engagement, top posts, and other vital follower behavior data. You can select the time period of the data analysis as you like it. Finding out about audience demographics also becomes very easy as you can get to know the male-female ratio, age groups and even where they come from.


It is simply not enough to set up an Instagram account and start publishing at random. For your investment to pay off, you need to know the audience demographics and their behavior so that you can tailor your own account and take best the advantage of the situation. Using Instagram analytics tools is the most convenient way of getting an insight into how your followers are reacting to your posts and how to optimize them for better results.