Instagram Strategies To Incorporate For Successful Email Marketing

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In this modern business landscapeevery brand irrespective of its type of product or service needs to know how to make the best use of the social media and especially email marketing campaigns. There are a few things that needs to be demystified and few specific strategies to follow for better SEO results, higher search engine ranks and better online presence.

Marketing for business owners today is much more digitized rather than on print and paper as it was in the olden times. There are several online channels that will facilitate the marketing efforts and one of the most significant ones happens to be Instagram.

With its 800 million activefollowers this is undoubtedly the best and most potential platform that a business owner can use to launch a new business or to enhance the prospects of an existing business. However, using this platform can be a bit of a mystery for the business owners, especially the new one to it.

No need to be skeptical

Typically, those who are new to Instagram marketing or integrating Instagram to their marketing efforts are often skeptical about this platform. This is due to the fear they have when they come across comments such as one cannot become famous on this platform if he or she is not a celebrity.

While this may be true to some extent, you can bet this platform is not all that bad. You will be assured to know that there are more than 70% business brands that use Instagram for their marketing campaigns and most of them have been successful to make their followers for Instagraminto their prospective clients and customers.

  • The secret of their success is that they did not aim to be famous on Instagram but instead they wanted to build a solid presence on this platform.
  • In turn, it enabled them to engage with their prospective clients and customers in a better way and connect with their target market instantly with immediate results.

This way, they became famous following the other effective way round.

Use of hastags

The most significant strategy to follow in Instagram marketing strategy and to integrate with your email marketing strategy is to use proper hashtags apart from selecting the best images for that matter. These hashtagswill become the most vital element of your post in ways more than one.

  • Just as the captions will enable you to tell the story behind the image, these hashtags will help you to reach out to a larger audience even those who are outside the present sphere of Instagram followers through your image along with the captions.
  • It will also help your posts to show up immediately when the users search using these relevant and industry specific hashtags.
  • This will also help you to eliminate the chances of your competitors and their posts to create a better influence and grow their business as well as the number of followers.

When you use hashtags to create a better and longer email list, you will need to choose the best and most effective ones. Ideally, there are three main strategies for choosing hashtags. These are:

  • Selecting only the most popular hashtagsas that will provide you with the best chance to be found when searched for or
  • Selecting the less popular hashtagsbut those that are highlyrelevant to your product or service as this will help you to reach out to more targeted audience even if it draws fewer users to your posts or
  • Selecting hashtagsthat are most commonly thought of as these will be able to attract new followers.

No matter whichever strategy you choose to follow, it is important to remember that you must use at least one hashtagfor each post. However, you can even use too many hashtags for a single post as well. In fact, there are a few researches made that shows the level of engagement is higher when a post uses more than elevenhashtags!

The Instagarm community

When you have dealt with the hashtags, it is time to focus on the Instagram community to make the best use of it as well to promote your email marketing strategy to a better and higher level. You must become a part of this Instagram community.This is because as it is seen in all types of social networking, Instagram too works best when you make the best use of the relationships that you form with the other users.

Ideally, this will not only help you to use the platform for posting images in your little vacuum but will also help you to participate in or forming new community with your photos and around those photos.

You will find several useful ways in which you can build a community or be a part of an existing community on Instagram for your email marketing purpose.

  • Using proper and relevant hashtagsis one which will allow you to connect with the users whom you may not have met otherwise.
  • You may even promote the level of engagement by liking and commenting on the photos of other people in the greater Instagram community.

This approach will not only help you to grow the number of your own followers but will also help you to contribute to a good and larger cause when people reciprocate. Typically, participating in several Instagram campaigns is the best way to promote a worthy cause further and help you grow trust and confidence amongst your users and followers through this visual-centric platform.

In fact, when you like, comment and share several reagent images and videos of different people in the community of different events it will enable you to make your followers feel that they too are an important part of your business, its strategies and are contributing significantly in its performance and operation.

This will raise their interest on your business brand and they will make a buying decision and subscribe to your newsletters and emails hoping to become a real part of your business and the Instagram community.

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