Introduction to Web Development

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People often confuse between web designing and development, there is a big difference between designing and development so today we are going to discuss difference between them. It’s obvious that both are related in creation of a website or web pages but required different skills, methods and techniques.

Web designing

It is an art of designing web pages and sites with unique skills in which we collect ideas for any specific project or pages than we implement these ideas to project followed by applying the basic designing principles, key visual elements are vital in the creation of any site or pages.

Many processes are included in designing of any website or pages for example analyzing the information provided by the clients also analyze resources you have to complete the project than organization of those resources are important how you organize time required to complete the project and how much it cost.

After you analyze and organize your idea of web designing  than you moved toward developing or designing phase in which you design the layout of your site, graphics and frontend of web pages, after going through from all these phases client give his feedback reviews to made changes on the page to maintain the website.

In above paragraph I have given you the overview of web designing how it works to become a professional designer you have to learn various skills and techniques i.e.

  1. Html
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Visual designing
  5. Graphic designing
  6. Ux

That is all initial information you should have of web designing, now we will going to discuss how web development is difference.

Web development is a work involve in the designing a web site but at the backend on the server side ,web developers writes script in coding languages to build a website to function it on the world wide web.  Skills of web Development services are on demand and highly paid in different countries.

Different coding languages used in developments depends on the type of website and software

Types of languages are

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • Php
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • Css
  • Html
  • C language

There are hundreds of coding languages above mention languages are the most common and basic coding languages used all over the globe.

It can be divided in three parts i.e. client side scripting, server side scripting and database technology. Large task of development can be divided between multiple developers.

A skill that is necessary for web developers is to have good hand on experience working on relational database management system.

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • My SQL
  • IBM DB2
  • Mongo DB

Developing a website which looks nice, attractive and work quickly is a dream of every developer, skills are in high demands and well paid by web developing companies

If you are not a full stack , back end or front end developer still you can create your own website using different online platform that providing services of web designing and development like Wordpress.

Wordpress is a content management system (CMS) that is free to build and maintain website on your own. It is a free open source publishing software initially install on a local web servers.

Main features of wordpress are

  1. Themes
  2. Plugins
  3. Mobiles
  4. Classis editor plugin
  5. Vulnerabilities

Wordpress is a platform that are mostly used by freelancers who work online for others creating websites from worpress themes and plugins.

These are the three types of website development you can learn all are different from each other but purpose is same “creating a website”.