KDK GST Software: Prices, Features & Alternatives

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GST is said to be the biggest tax reform that has happened in the country, changing the entire structure of accounting processes. It eliminates the repetitive tax and helps in improving the logistics to a great extent. The unorganized sectors get into the flow of tax filing. GST provides one and unified filing of tax. Also, the threshold limit for companies has been increased.

However, along with the benefits, there are some disadvantages that come along with the GST. The businessmen need to buy new software to keep the business going. For effective utilization of the new billing, the employees need to be trained which would increase the cost in the short term. Also, some small enterprises find it difficult to adjust with the system as GST is an online tax payment system.

The implementation of GST resulted in the change in process of filing returns. Small and medium enterprises, which generally prefer to filing the return themselves are finding it hard to shift from a system they are already used to.


Thankfully, there is various software that helps not only in calculating the GST but also filing it with the tax department. KDK GST software is one such tool which eases up the task of calculating and filing GST.

In case you are planning to Buy KDK GST Software for your business, here are the details regarding its pricing, features, and alternatives.

KDK GST Software Features

Low maintenance cost: It does not require any maintenance cost, can be used anywhere and anytime, clients are given logins to generate invoices, which can be customized according to the business requirement.


Ease of use: It prepares the GST returns and displays it on the dashboard for the user to accept or reject the displayed data. This makes the software easy to use.

Data Encryption: Data encryption is available which helps in hiding the sensitive data. Data is encrypted with an encrypted algorithm and key. The encryption key is exchanged with the recipient before decrypting it. It is robust not only in filing the returns but also provides data security.

Integration with bank account: It provides a smooth connection with your bank account and coordinates all the receipts online. It helps in avoiding the rush at peak hours by giving access to clients in real time.

Tax calculator: The presence of errors in the returns can lead to catastrophic results such as giving a high amount of penalties and interest. With this feature, not only general calculations but also special forms of calculations are automatically filed out with verified personal information. Thus it helps in reducing error to a great extent. The credits and debits calculations of your transactions are much faster through the use of the software. Thus it helps in saving time.

Tax filing: The online tax software package makes tax returns understandable which makes the filing of tax easier.

Taxability verification: Filing tax returns help in carrying forward your losses. Business is ought to undergo critical situations. In order to reduce the amount of tax payable, one can carry forward their losses to counter the earnings.

KDK GST Software Price



The KDK software price strategy is simple. It offers a free trial. Once the customer is satisfied with the benefits provided by the software, contact can be made to the respective team of KDK software. The pricing of the software is customizable i.e. the requirements provided by the user decides the value of the software.

KDK GST Software Alternatives:

A list of competitors and alternatives in comparison to KDK software given below will help you to find the one which goes with your business.

Go GST bill: This is a software which is more suitable for small firms. It is specially designed for the Indian market and it does not need any technical or accounting knowledge. The payment handling, supplier and purchase, taxation and customer management make it user-friendly.

Gen GST software: It is a software that comes with a complete collection of e-filing and billing along with better functionality, resulting in smoother storing of data with an excellent user interface.

The data are displayed in the dashboard and has data security and accuracy along with backup and restoration of data and mismatch report generation. It also has some attractive features such as offering discounts and schemes.

Giddh software: It is an innovative tool used for undertaking invoicing, account related activities. The user can import export ledgers from any existing software and can create invoices for billing. It provides a variety of management systems such as expense, production, tax, cash, financial and inventory management. It comes with the database, online document storage, gateway information, mobile support, invoice designer etc.