Learn SEO And Grow Your Business Digitally !

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Learn SEO And Grow Your Business Digitally !

If you don’t know about SEO for your business website, then you don’t need to have a website. Every brick and mortar business needs to have their own website which shows their customer what their business stands for and can be used to portray what makes their business stand out from the crowd.

Even after creating your business website, you need to create your website sitemap and submit your website sitemap to search engine console, this helps the search engine to understand what your website is all about, the part of your website that you don’t want your visitor to see and crawl and index pages and post in order to display an answer to user queries.

Nowadays, the chance of getting organic visitor from is low if your website is not properly SEO optimized because of the high competition.

Website with high organic traffic can lead to high revenue for business owner, because the visitor can be converted to leads and eventually sales. This is why most business owners build their website and properly follow search engine guideline in order to rank higher for keywords. If your website is not SEO optimized the amount of traffic you will be getting will be low.

What Is SEO and why is it important?

Search engine optimization is a process whereby you follow and implement search engine guideline on your website in order to rank higher for keyword in SERP.

The importance of SEO in business is increasing by the day with thousands of website looking to achieve first position in the SERP for keywords related to their business. If you want your website to reach the first position in SERP, you need to follow and implement all the guideline.

A quick look at keywords that you are trying to rank for in the SERP would reveal thousands of website depending on your niche.

Website occupying the first position in SERP achieves this by following search engine guideline and building high-quality backlink.

High quality do follow backlink increase your website domain authority and page authority. New website starts from domain authority of zero and increases when backlink point back to their website. When the domain authority of your website increases and your website is properly SEO, your chance of getting organic visitor increases.

Type of SEO for website?

SEO can be dived into two distinct parts, the first part is the On Page Optimization, and the other part is Off-page Optimization. This two-part if done properly is what SEO is all about. Website owner and blogger should understand what SEO is all about if they want to get organic traffic. This part is crucial to the success of every website and blog. If you don’t know how to create your own personal blog, you can read more about how to create your blog.

What is On-Page Optimization?

On page optimization are changes you implement on your website according to Google policy. This part is crucial to the success of your website because it helps search engine to understand your website, crawl and index your website for keywords, and avoid Google penalty.

Google penalize website owner if they found out that the content on your website is duplicate, thin or low-quality content, keywords stuffing on your post in order to rank for so many keywords, not properly optimized for mobile visitor.

To Implement On page Optimization on your website, you need to:

  • If you have not submitted your website sitemap, create and submit your sitemap to search engine webmaster.
  • Include the keyword that you are trying to rank for in your content and make sure that the keyword is evenly distributed. Make sure that the content is longer than 300 words because Google view post with less than 300 words thin or low quality.
  • Include the keyword in your title would make your post rank higher.
  • Include the keyword in your URL.
  • Include the keyword in your description of your post.
  • Create an internal link to other pages and post on your website shows a good sign of SEO and increase your blog page view and reduce the bounce rate of your blog.
  • If you don’t know how to follow this guideline, you can install Yoast SEO on your website and follow their guideline to implement on page Optimization of your website.

When you complete these steps, you will notice that your website would be crawl and index accurately for keywords.

Off Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is the process of building high quality do follow backlink from other website to your website. This part helps to increase your domain authority and page authority and eventually rank your website in the SERP.

Avoid sites promising high amount of backlink for a small amount of money, buying backlink can lead to Google penalization.

Off-page optimization is crucial to the success of your website because it helps you to rank higher than your competitor.