Role of websites in business

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The last decades was the biggest in the history of e commerce and in the website development business and trade mostly done on the internet now days the participation of consumers are enormous on the business websites now days peoples bringing their business online and saving their time money and human labour. Website development has revolutionized the business industry in the world .whatever your business is if you don’t have your business website than your business remain incomplete. The website is the first thing people look for your business , the information you provide on your website is the official statements that what services you are offering or what products you sell basically your website is the storefront of your business. Not everyone can create website on their own it’s required certain types of specialties and skills also environment to create a website. A web designing company provides a platform to develop website and provide their services to build website for your business.


Developing a website for your business on the internet for worldwide web website can be develop as a simple text or a web application

Main task of web Development Company is to provide services of web design, content of the web and client server, for developers use their technical coding skills to create a web design and also use (CMS). Content management system is software used by the web developers to edit, organized and publishes the content of website; Word press is a good example of content management system which allows you to create your own content and publish it on website.


Larger organizations of web designing company hire hundreds of web developers for their projects while a small company can work with a single web developer to complete their projects

 Web development company work as a team and distribute specific work for specific developer, three kinds of web development specialization


Front end developer

front end development is a client side development of a website using html css and java script main purpose of front end development is to create a user friendly website  easy to read and according to client requirements and information provided on the web site is relevant to the content of website the code which front end developers runs inside the user browser unlike back end code which run on server browser skills needed by the best software houses in the world are CSS HTML JavaScript jQuery front end frame work etc


Back end developer

Backend development is a server site development enables the communication between data base and the server backend developments defines how the website going to work

Back end code runs on the server browsers different kinds of luagages skills are needed to become a backend developer like php c++ ruby python java .net

Tools to save the data are my SQL and oracle .it is important that backend developer possess expertise on those skills for website development



Full stack developer

full stack development is a combination of both front end and backend development web designing company usually hire experienced full stack developer who can work on both front end and back end development full stack developer must have these skills to become a good website developer such as LAMP Lapp MAMP and MEAN etc these are great stacks to develop a website application

Some of the best website development companies are

  • WDG