SEO Myths That You Should Never Believe

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SEO is one of the things that new business entrepreneurs and businessmen search for online. SEO services in India help you to optimize your search website result by making it compact and well defined for your customers. It is very vital to know about SEO so that you could take your business to the next height virtually. To rank among the first websites to be searched online, there are many SEO rules and norms that you should keep in mind.

What can be puzzling is that there are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding SEO that you get to see on the internet or hear from different people. Some of the myths were created for fun while some could actually harm you by not letting you improvise on your skills and hinder your content marketing efforts. Break these SEO myths to increase your website traffic and rank among the top search engines.

  • Many People Think That SEO is a Scam: The reality would be that SEO is as legit and as legal as any other company that provides service to you. There are many SEO services in India that promise you top ranks in Google. They are unethical but that does mean others are as well. Some may leave you high and dry but most of the SEO services in India are decent companies that increase your website traffic as well as improves your experience with them. SEO is that platform that helps you to beat competitors and gain from high SERPs


  • Whenever Google Updates Their Search Ranking Algorithm You Should Update As Well: This is not true. Every search engine work on their search algorithm. Google does the same thing. If your SEO is right your site would not have any negative impact upon itself. Read credible sources to know all about the updates that involve your website. Make adjustments as necessary, make notes and compare your metrics after a few days.


  • Optimizing Google Does Not Cover You For All The Sites: If you optimize your content it does not mean that it is viable for all the sites. Different sites have different requirements. Google and Bing share different social signals, click-through rates, and page authority. Therefore when you optimize for Google it does not cover Bing as well. If your target is global and 100% web traffic then you should definitely optimize for more than one search engine.


  • HTTPs is not important: This is the biggest myth you could hear in the SEO world. Many times you would hear that if you are not selling things then it is not essential to mention http. When a customer visits another website and come across your advertisement they may seem interested in it and if you do not provide them with an http, then you would lose potential clients. When you visit a website you usually see a green lock box beside that http meaning that it is encrypted and is secure. This helps you to keep your content confidential and helps you protect the identity and integrity.


  • It Is All About the Content: The myth would be to create a high-quality content to rank among the first in search results. This is not true. Take your time and do your research well as SEO services in India recommends. Content is one of the many things that help you with your brand image. Others like backlinks, responsive design is crucial as well. Make your whole website optimized rather than highlighting your content only. Do not be myopic about it and think about the whole user experience.   


  • H1 Tag Increases Search Result: Using H1 tags for best SEO practices is a myth. It is not compulsory. H1 tags help you to make your website and content look more appealing and neatly organized. Whereas H1 tags help developers to design your website they do not contribute directly. They are just a part of the base practice that every new web developer should go through to improve themselves.


  • Hosting Location Is Crucial: Myths say that by providing the location of the site you are guaranteeing yourself a success. But it is not true. Google is smart enough to provide the viewer the right country version of the website. Thus this also proves that Google likes quality information rather location wise content. SEO services in India help you to target the right audience by creating customized content keeping viewers in mind.           


There are many SEO myths that you must learn to ignore to succeed. This type of myths causes a lot of confusion between digital marketers, programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs. The digital landscape of SEO is constantly changing and therefore you should always keep yourself up to date. Apply your critical thinking skills before believing any of these myths again.