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A computer is made up of hardware and software, hardware are mouse, keyboard and printer etc, inside of your computer and on the world wide web you will find software, i.e. Firefox,  chrome, excel, PowerPoint are the software that are necessary for your computer to work on the internet.

Software is the important aspect of technology and need of every business. In 21st century larger organizations hire professionals of software development services to built their software and promote their business on the internet it’s important for any organization to use technology and be aware of upcoming innovations of information technology.

Development of software goes through from different phases to insure the quality and client requirements.


1.       Planning

2.       Analysis

3.       Design

4.       Implementation

5.       Testing integration and maintenance


It determines the scope, time, cost, benefits solutions of problems, strength and weaknesses of the software.


This phase is for analyzing the requirements of clients and making notes of the requirements and includes comprehensive continuous communication with clients.


After analyzing the requirements the next phase is to design software, you will turn your logical design into physical models according to the data you have collected in previous phase.


It is the longest phase including the coding and designing of software and this phase is divided in parts, once your software is complete than it goes through with review part to insure the quality of product design.

Testing Integration and maintenance

After successfully passing the implementation phase, in this phase all the defects of software found and fixed.

Models of development methods

·         Waterfall model

·         Iterative model

·         V shaped model

·         Agile model

·         Spiral model

Waterfall model

It is the first method of software development this method is very simple compare to other models in this method each phase must be completed before going to other phase of the model.

Iterative method

This method working as repeated method and in smaller part took longer time than waterfall model

V shaped model

This model is an extension of water fall model executes the process in sequential manner also known as verification and validation method.

Agile model

It is a type of incremental model, it is the process of adaptability and customer satisfaction, agile model breaks the product into small blocks provided in iteration

Spiral model

Spiral model is a combination waterfall model and iterative model, spiral model begins with the design goal and then ends with the client reviewing the progress of the developments.

Best software development companies

Here is the list of some software development companies in Pakistan.

·         Net sol

·         Ovex technologies

·         Microsoft

·         Technologist

·         Zepto systems

You will find most of the top software house in Lahore providing top quality services to their clients comparing to other cities of Pakistan.

It is not the best idea to find a freelancer to develop your software or design it’s highly recommended that you should visit top software Development Company in Lahore to ensure your needs.

Software technology growing rapidly day by days new software coming in market hence reducing the man labor in organizations and saving the cost of laboring, you cannot admire this theory of reducing the man labor although without technology organization cannot compete in market.

Top software houses hiring ratio is increasing these days, different experts are hired for with different level of skills to provide high level services of developments of software technologies like

·         Front end developer

·         Back end developer

·         Full stack developer

·         Android developer

·         Web developer

·         Mobile developer

·         Graphic developer

·         Middle tier developer

·         Game developer

·         Data scientist