Technology revolution in Pakistan

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Information technology in Pakistan is growing rapidly and in future its expected to grow more as technology is all around us in Pakistan almost 10000 student graduating every year in field of information technology and software development. 140 Universities are registered with higher education commission 80 of them offer Computer Science, Software Engineer, Information Technology. Not only graduated persons related to web development services or in information technology, freelancers in Pakistan are the most talented persons earning 80 000 RS per month average working from their homes. Most common services provided by Pakistani freelancers are

  • Web development
  • Android development
  • Digital marketing
  • Content writing
  • Graphic designing


Karachi and Lahore generating most of the revenue from freelancing and web development services in pakistan.lahore is known as the hub of information technology industry in Pakistan as the first IT tower of Pakistan build in Lahore by the ex chief Minister of Punjab Mia Muhammad Shehbaaz Sharif Arfa software technology park known as (IT tower) built in 2009 and revolutionized the freelancing industry in Lahore.


If you are looking for affordable web development services for your business to enhance your sales you will find Pakistani freelancers more affordable than other countries like India, America.


Web developers in Lahore offers vast range of services on affordable rates provide good quality work.

During the discovery phase, they determine the platform and functionality that will best suit your needs. Then, develop the project using a search engine optimized programming language, to ensure your website work properly and giving you profit you expected.


Web development ranges


Web development in Pakistan ranges from simple static pages to complex web ,web applications and android applications.web application is a computer program that perform task over internet using browsers required server side to process web applications. Android application is a form of software application runs on mobiles devices on android platform.


Web development hierarchy


Effective web designer always have clear ideas of viewers. communication between web developer providing development services and client is important if a developer feed clients with lots of information than he losses his clients attention ,information that you will provide to your clients should be authentic and short more you listen more you have chance to get clients.


 Web design vs Web development

A web developer is a skilful programmers who knows several programming languages to built websites and web applications that runs on browsers on the other hand web designer is a professional of designing the layouts of websites a web designer must have graphic and technical skills to build a good web pages layout.


 Web development strategies

  • Strategy
  • Design and application
  • Produces desired result
  • Testing and maintenance
  • Register with ISP
  • Launch




Web developments services in Lahore are as follows ,

  • Custom web development
  • Mobile site and application development
  • Platform (CMS, ecommerce, etc.) selection
  • Ecommerce / shopping cart development
  • Blog development

Web application Testing

Testing process is the most important part of web developments process if you skip these steps you can never be a web developer. Web application testing process is as follows

  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Interface testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing



Delivery process of web development services are as follows

  • Stabilization
  • Discovery
  • Specification
  • Content migration
  • Design approved
  • Code approved
  • Review
  • Requirement approved by clients
  • Release
  • Launch
It is important to review work and finding bugs on website you are working on because the first impression of website will make the perception of your work on client minds that your web developments services are good or bad because in the end web development services is all about meeting the requirements of clients and deliver what they need and desire