The best Smart Watches you should to Buy?

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I wrote similar material on smartphonesRecently, but “smart watches” are also very popular now, so I suggest to get acquainted with the current models, the most interesting in terms of price and quality.

Of course, the need for this type of device can be discussed, but they already have enough fans. Smart watches, of course, not only show time and track your activity as fitness bracelets, but also work in conjunction with a smartphone, reporting all notifications. You can also perform some actions like calls, switching music, setting reminders, replies to messages. There are pre-installed games and various useful applications.

The market is traditionally strong position Apple Watch. Apple watches look good, work only with the iPhone, they have a rich ecosystem and very accurate fitness monitoring (including heart rate monitor). However, as in the smartphone market, Samsung with the Gear series successfully catches up.

In general, the concept of Android Wear today looks quite viable, in Google it is actively supported. The world's largest watch manufacturer, Fossil, recently announced a whole line of Android-based products. Skagen, Movado and others followed suit. Every smartphone manufacturer also has a smart watch, but not alone.

I present to you a list of the most interesting models, and you in turn tell in the comments - which ones you use yourself (if you use) and which ones would you like to buy?

Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1

For a start it is worth mentioning that the announcement of Apple Watch Series 3 is expected on September 12, and the main feature is likely to be LTE support (implemented using e-SIM). UPD : the announcement is alreadytook place, the watch is equipped with a more powerful processor and LTE-modem.

In the meantime, two previous generations are available for sale. And they are the most popular smart watches today. Apple Watch Series 2 has better water protection (suitable for swimmers), better screen and built-in GPS. And they are faster than the first thanks to the updated chipset. However, the first generation is also not called “braking”, but the models are cheaper. Autonomous work hours from Apple - about two days.

The company regularly updates the software of both generations of watches, works on their accuracy in terms of health monitoring, speed, adds new functions and applications (for example, the Breathe program for breathing exercises has recently been added). And Apple Watch has a huge collection of cool straps!

Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier, Gear S2 and S2 Classic

The best option for those who prefer the Android platform is Samsung's smart watch. They are distinguished by convenient control due to the bezel (ring on the dial), although there is also a touch screen. The newest generation S3 is more powerful, but the clock is larger in size (most likely for men). Two models are available - Classic and Frontier, both are protected from water and dust, and the latter are also against impacts + support 3G / LTE. True, the last in Russia is still useless, as the Russian operators do not yet provide the e-SIM service, and there is no slot for the usual SIM card.

Gear S2 and S2 Classic are smaller and more pleasant, but have less capacious batteries. They are also protected by the IP68 standard, one of the modifications has 3G support.

It should be noted that, unlike Samsung smartphones, the watches of this manufacturer operate on their own Tizen platform. It is fast and smooth, but the choice of third-party software, of course, is not as great as for Android Wear. In my opinion, this is not so critical, because we have a watch. In any case, Samsung Gear looks very attractive due to their design, robust design and long-lasting batteries (3-4 days of battery life).

LG Watch Style, Watch Sport, Watch Urbane 2nd Edition

As the name implies, the Style model is more elegant, suitable more for women. LG Watch Sport - larger and more brutal.

Urbane - made in a business style.

The increased size of the case allowed LG to add more features to the Urbane and Sport models - GPS, heart rate sensor, NFC (for contactless payments), barometer and gyrometer. Urbane 2 is still allocated with a SIM card slot and 4G support (yes, not a virtual SIM, but the most common), so they are completely independent without a phone, you can even call from them. But keep in mind that they do not have interchangeable straps, as the antenna is built into the strap. All three models are protected from moisture and dust (Style and Urbane 2 - IP67, Sport - IP68).

Samsung Gear Sport

I will make an exception for the model that gets to the shelves only in October. The new model of smart watches from Samsung was announced in late August. By design, they are more like a Gear S3, but at the same time even more subtle and light. They can boast of waterproofing 5ATM, that is suitable for swimming. Hours can track the number of laps in the pool, the time for which you swim the track and even determine the style of swimming. Gear Sport also has built-in GPS like Citizen Watches http://www.rafiqsonsonline. com/product-category/citizen/ .

Asus zenwatch 3

First of all, this watch based on Android Wear stands out for its design, we have one of the thinnest models on the market. Disadvantages - a small selection of straps and their non-standard mount, no heart rate monitor, GPS and NFC. There is some protection against moisture - IP67.

Huawei Watch 2 Classic and Sport

The first Huawei Watch were cute and inexpensive, so they gathered an army of fans. The model of the second generation looks more brutal and is traditionally divided into two options - Classic and Sport. Although outwardly, they are not very different. The only difference in performance is that the Sport model has an LTE modification (this is one of two hours in the review with a slot for the usual nanoSIM). Otherwise, Huawei Watch 2 supports GPS, reads the pulse, is protected from water and dust according to the IP68 standard, and has a touch screen. The clock is based on Android Wear. Operating time from one charge is 1.5-2 days.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

The newest model, the division has replaced the Vivoactive HR, but it looks more like a modern watch, in particular, it is equipped with a round display. They also have the best protection against water (Vivoactive 3 is suitable for swimming) and there is NFC for contactless payment (own payment service). The screen has a touch screen.

Garmin has a lot of experience in producing devices for athletes, so Vivoactive 3 is great for training in the gym, and there are also 15 profiles for training indoors and outdoors. You can even monitor yoga classes or play golf. The watch also has GPS support. Elevate's proprietary pulse tracking technology continuously monitors heartbeat and provides accurate readings of calories burned.

Keep in mind - Vivoactive 3 runs on its own Garmin platform, the choice of third-party applications is poor, but in general, everything you need is there.