Tool and techniques for web designing

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Creating a website it’s not an easy thing to do if you are beginner or student of bachelors of web development it’s better to start small and development in phases you will not going to build another Ali right away although it’s not impossible but first we will start with basics so let’s get started.


These are the tools will help you to right code

  • GNU Mac
  • Subline
  • Brackets
  • Notpad++
  • Dev c++
  • Atom
  • Visual studio code
  • Web storm

The most used browsers in creation of web development services are

  1. Firefox
  2. Chrome
  3. Opera
  4. Safari

Before start writing code for your website, if you are just a beginner than you might confuse in code and arrays in framework and testing tools, to start web designing you have to work step by step.

First decide what information you are going to show on your webpage and what your website will will look like, to start with create simple web page with heading, paragraphs and images.

Note down your plan and draw a sketch of your idea you are going to implement, it really helps.

Start writing content you will put on your web page, chose colour and themes chose images you want to showcase on your website. Chose a font it’s important to write content that attract the traffic in your websites.


HTML is the code used for web development services  it is a code use to structure you web content and give a purpose of your website first make it clear that HTML is not a programming language .HTML is a mark-up language that define content structure of a website, For example,

I love Edward Maya


I love Edward Maya


The main parts of HTML elements are opening tag, closing tag and content.

Another programming language which is very important in term of web designing is JavaScript, is a programming language use to add feature on a website. Java Script is a dynamic programming language when merge with HTML mark-up language can provide dynamic websites.

Web developers have made JS coding easy by writing and providing tools on website to provide extra functionality with minimum efforts served like APIs helps creating HTML functionalities with CSS styles for example.

var myHeading = document.querySelector('h1');

myHeading.textContent = 'Hello world!';

This is a simple code to write hello world on your website using JS.

When you publish and access your websites a lot of issues and bugs may appear on your web page that you might be unaware off. If you are planning to provide website development services that you have to make sure that your website complete testing process to remove bugs and then publish it online.

 Skills you must learn to grow your career as an expert web developer are

  1. Photoshop illustrator
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. File transfer protocol FTP
  5. Github  (GIT)
  6. Bug testing
  7. Media queries
  8. Jquery plugins
  9. JavaScript
  10. Front end frame work