Websites are the way to go if you are planning to start a business. Having a website gives you a good chance to gain more customers and advertise your business you the way you want to. Whenever talking about websites the term that strikes our mind is Website Development and the Website Design. These two terms are often said to be synonyms, however, there are some important differences that make the two terms differ from each other. If you are planning to build a website of your own, the difference between Website Development and Website Design must be known. Let us see if we can provide you with some clarity.


What do you mean by Website Development?

Website Development is the work that is involved in developing a website from scratch. It is that part of the website which does not involve any designing or making an attractive website but involves the writing of markup and coding. Developers of a website are known as web developers or programmers. Web developers design a website by breaking it into components. Some make use HTML or another approach called PHP to develop website pages. All the coding because of which a website is working which is not visible to the users is done by web developers. They set up a base of a website to start your work with an E-commerce website designing company in Delhi. Aspects such as functions of the website, the navigation or the user experience, all these points are covered under website development and a web developer is a person who is responsible for all this work. Some basic roles of a web developer are-

  • Using different programming languages to create a good user interface

  • Integrating data from different service and databases

  • Interact and cooperate with web designers to build according to the visual design

  • For scaling of the website and checking it on a regular basis

  • Keep the website up to date with the latest technology


What do you mean by Website Design?

Website Design is something that comes after a website is being developed. It comprises of many different principles and skills that are required in the production and maintenance of a website. It is the visual representation for which the web designers are responsible for. Designing a website according to the needs of users and the company, the graphical representation of a website, the exterior look that helps in targeting the audience, the colour scheme, all of these comes under website design. The work of a web designer is to make sure that the website looks promising and attractive which will help you gain more audience. Programs like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, are some that web designers use to make a website what it looks like. Some roles of a web designer consist of-

  • Having good skills in graphic and logo design

  • Create a better user experience using different kinds of layouts, buttons, frames etc

  • Keep the website up to date with the latest trendy designs in the industry

  • Branding of the website according to the needs of the business should be done

  • Maintain consistency with the whole web design according to other famous websites for better navigation


The Difference between the two

After knowing what the two terms mean we can say that both the terms have their own meanings that make them different from each other.

Website Development is just setting the base of a website, the coding, the mark-up which makes a website a website. Whereas Website Design, on the other hand, is the graphical and visual representation of the whole website which is concerned with the exterior look of the website. The more attractive and appealing your website will be, the more audience you will gain. But sometimes if the development of the website lacks, it may lead to loss of clients as web development is as important as web design. One must maintain a balance not only the web design but the development part also.