What Does it Take to Build a best Food Ordering App?

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The Very first big question arises in this competitive world is: What kind of features needed to be including for food delivery app which satisfy the customers’ expectations. Of course  Cost To Develop App Like  Swiggy , UberEats, zomato is a way expensive too, Since these are the big companies in Food delivery business  hence development costs are extremely expensive  and  cost-effective entirely depends on many factors and features which are included for development of application is based on current market demands.

After doing a lot of research on current famous apps like UberEats, Pizza hut, Swiggy etc. Though these apps might belong to different food section delivery apps which use different approach to manage their business, all of these businesses have common things in general. So ultimately based on these apps we finally concluded and ended up with a mandatory features which must be included and implemented by all mobile apps development companies which are about to create such kind of apps. Let’s continue exploring those must have features.

Search and menus


How might we give access to all the fundamental data about so many food ordering platforms – addresses, hours, menus, and that sort of stuff – so our customers can submit their requests? Fortunately for us and whatever other business visionaries like entrepreneurs who need to setup a new food delivering start-up nowadays, there are various demonstrated arrangements, for example, GrubHub's API.

GrubHub's semi-open API can be utilized to recover menu data from a database of in excess of 10,000 restaurants. Utilizing this API, restaurant can fare, store, and refresh data in the cloud. GrubHub's API can be likewise be utilized by a food requesting application to transmit order information close by payment details to an accomplice partner.

Postmates depend on Foursquare's API to interface their clients with restaurant lists. In the event that you're not comfortable with how Postmates functions, the application is incorporated with neighbourhood or local search inquiry and disclosure benefit Foursquare, which gives clients a chance to scan for searching a food  and view restaurant menus and costs. Postmates then takes a request, sends it to the restaurant, and sends a courier team to pick the order.

Estimated delivery time


Don’t you think how satisfying for customers if they know that when there food is going to deliver or how long it takes to deliver their food? There are few food delivery giants like Pizza hut, Zomato have implemented this feature to their customers as modern people care more about their time and rely on time because of busy schedules.

Now you might be wondering how is it possible to display or predict the exact delivery time. Well, All credits goes to list of artificial intelligence companies who implemented this feature. Machine learning algorithms takes care of factors like order quantity, delivery locations, availability of courier boy or driver to calculate order’s arrival time. There are many such best artificial intelligence companies with blog and article out there, if you are looking to know more in depth.




Nowadays, there is no such application that doesn't give in-application payments: Domino's, Pizza hut, Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, UberEats everything enables clients to request and pay appropriate cash inside the portable application.

You can incorporate your application with Stripe or Braintree to give clients a chance to pay with all kinds of cards. We'd recommend you provide many payment alternatives as could be expected under the circumstances to give the most helpful client experience.

GPS tracking


You don’t need to worry or seek for separate mobile app development companies to build or integrate GPS tracking tool to your food delivery application. Just like Uber set new principles for on-request delivery services, businesses that offer food delivery, including zomato, Postmates, and swiggy, began to adopt Uber-esque delivery tracking technique.

You might be thinking how might you incorporate GPS tracking tool into your own food delivery application? Most importantly, you should decide a client's or users area. Ultimately depending upon the sort of gadgets you work for, you can utilize CoreLocation system (iOS) or Google's Location API (Android) to decide a general geographic area, absolutely find a client's gadget, and monitor.

After knowing or deciding a user’s location, the following stage is to give driving headings, which is very helpful for both conveyance drivers and users. On the off chance that you work for iOS, you'll well on the way to utilize MapKit for directions. For the Android stage, you'll have to utilize the Google Maps API.

The last part is to incorporate or merging mapping software into your application. Similarly as Uber does, you can coordinate and merge Google Maps into your both iOS and Android versions of your application.

Ratings, reviews, and tips


As I said before big gaints like PizzaHut , UberEats, Zomato, Postmates, DoorDash, UberEats, and other food delivery businesses that participate with independent delivery drivers need to ensure that their free specialists don't let them down with regards to giving convenient and timely service. So how would they guarantee their punctuality and on time delivery and professional skill of couriers? With reviews and ratings.

Rating drivers is just the same old thing new for Uber-like platforms. This methodology enables organizations to clergyman their independent staff and hold just the most dependable and serious persons. gaints like PizzaHut , UberEats, Zomato, Postmates, DoorDash let clients rate the driver who conveys or deliver their food. Clients likewise inspire an opportunity to tip drivers in the event that they're especially happy with the right time delivery. In any case, these organizations state that tipping is optional and discretionary.

With regards to full-benefit stages, you can likewise offer your clients or customers the chance to rate your chefs and their prepared food and dishes. Tuning in to you customers conclusions gives you a superior comprehension of what you can improve to benefit in your businesses.


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