Why do you need to convert GroupWise to Outlook?

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Novell GroupWise and MS Outlook are both immensely popular email management systems that are popular all across the world. They serve organizations and help people in managing their email data, calendars, profile info, contacts, and other mail related tasks. However, recently it has been realized that a lot of organizations are moving from GroupWise to Outlook in search for greener pastures. There is no doubt that GroupWise is a remarkable communication system; however, MS Outlook has brought some exclusive benefits that make it the preferred choice when compared to Novell GroupWise.

In this post, we are going to illuminate the benefits of converting GroupWise to MS Outlook. You will find out why you need to convert GroupWise to Outlook with sufficient reasons.

Top reasons to convert GroupWise to MS Outlook

Ease of use

If you have been using GroupWise for a long time, you will not find it difficult. However, if you compare Outlook and GroupWise from a beginners view, MS Outlook is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Outlook is super easy to operate and you can install it on any device.


GroupWise can be used in a limited condition and environment meanwhile Outlook comes with every MS Office installation. You cannot use GroupWise on any computer. This makes a lot of difference since Outlook can be installed on any device and it is a subscription-based service which stores data on cloud systems.


Since GroupWise needs separate installation and maintenance, it costs you more money. On the other hand, Outlook comes pre-installed as a part of the MS office suite. So in short, using Outlook is more affordable and that is why more organizations are moving to this cheaper and more efficient email management system. Just install it once and start using it.

So if a user wants to use Outlook email services, he has no choice but to convert GroupWise to Outlook.

Some other difficulties that you face while using GroupWise

  • GroupWise can show errors and face technical glitches while opening or sending mails
  • You don’t get the shared folders facility with GroupWise
  • If you are not using the GroupWise application properly, you might experience crashing of the whole app
  • GroupWise offers a very basic UI and even the crash messages are very difficult to understand and even resolve

If you want to convert or migrate GroupWise to MS Outlook, there is a manual method you can use. Here is the step by step process- How to convert GroupWise to Outlook manually :

  • Launch Novell GroupWise
  • Go to the left panel and open inbox
  • Select GroupWise messages you want to export by holding down the CTRL key
  • Right click on selected files and choose “Save As”
  • You will see saving format options. Choose “HTML” and select location to save your GroupWise in HTML
  • Choose “Save to Disk” option and check for “Report File Name Conflicts”
  • Click on “Browse” to get the files to your current directory or the files will be put into the default “GroupWise” directory
  • Click on “Save” to save the chosen items

These emails will be saved at our preferred location. However, this process will take time. The “save” box will disappear on its own after the process is finished. After this conversion is finished, you can import these HTML files in Outlook.

Your data transfer from GroupWise to Outlook is finished.

Before you convert GroupWise to Outlook manually, you should know a few things

  • Time taking process

The process is lengthy and takes a lot of time. So if you are looking for a quick method or short on time, you might avoid the manual method. It may take any amount of time depending upon the size of your database.

  • Impractical for large database

If you have 100 users in GroupWise, you will need to manually export 100 mailboxes. Also there will be a size limitation according to the performance of your computer. So if you need stress free and smooth solutions to migrate GroupWise to Outlook, the manual method is not for you. It is not a simple click and do process.

  • Risk of data loss

The biggest reason to acknowledge the risks of manual migration is the risk of data loss. No one wants to lose their email files and it is a genuine issue. If you cannot afford to lose your important email files, stay away from the manual method.

If you have understood the drawbacks and risks of manual GroupWise to Outlook migration, chances are that you might be thinking of getting an easier solution that you can use without risk.

The best solution to convert GroupWise to MS Outlook Automatically

Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook converter offers the easiest and safest GroupWise to Outlook migration. It is a professional third party solution that has been specially created to simplify the GroupWise to Outlook transfer process. It is completely safe to use and also offers 100% data protection assurance.

The best GroupWise to Outlook migration solution for all users

You don’t have to be an experienced user to get accurate results since the tool offers easy and step by step process. You can just install the tool and it will offer you clear instructions that you can follow without needing experience. It works with all versions of GroupWise and Outlook. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything.

A whole bunch of features for the smoothest experience

You can easily migrate Multiple GroupWise mailboxes to Outlook in just one go. You can even migrate the deleted or trash folders along with the Unicode files. You can now convert to both new and existing PST files and even password protect the files for higher safety.

Get a free trial today

Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook converter tool offers a free trial that you can use. The free trial lets you migrate first 25 files or each folder for a limited time. Once you are satisfied with the free demo, you can upgrade to the full version which is also very affordable. It comes with free 24 hour support and free updates.

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