How to Prepare for Singapore Bali Tour- Tips and Tricks

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Singapore and Bali are undoubtedly iconic wonders on the earth. It is true that both countries are a little heavy on the pocket but it doesn’t mean that you stop planning a trip there. So here we have a useful list of how to prepare for Singapore Bali tour that is definitely gonna help you to make your trip more comfortable. Here are the top Singapore Bali tour tips and tricks that you must know before step into the land of iconic wonders.

These tips and tricks are very easy to follow and it will make a huge difference to your experience of Singapore and Bali Tour.

Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Singapore Bali Tour:-

Check the Weather- Before stepping in Singapore Bali it can be great to check the weather and the best time to visit. Checking the weather of any destination is the major factor to your holiday plans. In the case of Singapore and Bali, the temperature during most of the years seems hot reaching over 30°C. So if you are planning your trip to Singapore and Bali then always go through the weather and choose the most suitable time for your trip.

Keep everyone in mind- If you are going for a solo trip then it’s okay to manage all things to you, but if you are planning for a family trip then you have to keep everyone in mind who is traveling in Singapore. Customize your plans by including everyone’s interests and needs because everyone could have their own experiences and interests. If you are doing this then definitely gonna save your money to getting waste.

Apply for Visa a month in advance- This is one of the major things for preparing your trip to Singapore Bali. Getting your tourist visa is easier because it does not take much time to get approved but just need to apply it a month before your departure date.

Carry your passport & visa- Forgetting your passport and visa while traveling is the worst mistake you have ever done in your life. This is one of the major essential you will need in your journey. So always keep your passport & visa on you and their photocopies as well.

Always book nearby hotels- if you are planning to visit Singapore Bali then always book hotels nearby to the places you wish to visit. It will be easy to up-down from hotels to your destinations. Singapore and Bali are not big countries and most destinations are in Sentosa and other islands so it will be very easy for you to book your stay nearby these locations. This is the thing to do before stepping into Singapore & Bali and it will save your time and money too.

Book hotels who provide local SIM cards- most of the hotels provide local SIM cards which helps you to cut down your extra roaming charges. So always book those hotels who provide local SIM cards. It will save your money and valuable time.

Keep your camera, phone charger, and power banks handy- Singapore and Bali have most breathtaking views and places which worth to capture so don’t forget your camera and phone as well so you do not regret it later. You can carry a power bank as well to avoid any kind of battery issues.

Knowing about laws- Every country has their own laws and it is the duty of every traveler to respect and follow their laws. Smoking in public places is not allowed in Singapore and Bali. If you do not follow their laws, you may have to pay fines and not only this, you may have to face the sentence of the prison. So always keep their rules & regulations to enjoy a hassle- free holiday.

Keep your Singapore Bali dollars handy- in case of shopping, taxi you may need some cash so always have some cash of their use. You don’t need to have a large amount of cash on you if you need more money then you can carry your Forex Card and an online transaction application that will also help you to get robbed.   

So those were some tips and tricks for how you can prepare yourself before stepping into Singapore and Bali. If you have any queries regarding this article then ask it by commenting in the comment section.