Must-explore Places in Asia That You Should not Miss

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When we think of going on holiday, Asia is not the place that comes first to the mind to the majority of people. Because yet, the majority of people in the world is not aware of the real beauty of this continent. Thus here your best travel guide “Wanderlust Travels” will help you to explore Asia. It is a continent that offers something to everyone. Like from Thailand's magnificent beaches to the Beijing’s famed shopping districts. The budget-friendly factor is also a big wow factor when you head to Asia for vacation. This is one of the best regions to visit if you are looking to get the most for your travel expenses.

So here let’s roll out our pick up places to explore in Asia that you should not miss in your trip to this continent.

Taj Mahal, India: - In the late 17th century the 4th Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan started with the construction of a mosque to commemorate his favorite wife, Mumtaj Mahal. It was completed in 1648, and it is one of the iconic tourist place in India.

Great Wall of China, China: - This massive structure was originally a defense wall. This, the longest wall on earth has the length of 3945 miles. Now the many parts of this great Wall have been damaged and are no longer accessible due to the poor physical condition. Not to forget in past few people have claimed, it is the only human-made structure on planet earth that can even see from space.

Bokeo Nature Reserve, Laos: - The Southeast Asian country Laso has a stunning Nature Reserve called Bokeo. This Nature Reserve in Bokeo province has created protect the black-cheeked gibbon. To view the gibbons or experience the beauty of the forest, the Gibbon Experience can be used.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: - The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is one of the go-to places in Asia. It is a fantastic place to visit with varieties of things to do and see in the city. The architecture of the Malaysian town and country capital ranges from ancient cultures to modern.

Rainbow Family Village, Taiwan: - The story behind the paintings of Rainbow Family Village is quite impressive. A man named Huang Yung-Fu also known as Grandpa Rainbow he started to paint a little while ago. He was living in a military dependents village and one day decided to make that place more colorful.