The contemporary tourism sector has seen tremendous influence of Gulf countries among the travelers from all around the world. Among all the Gulf countries, Dubai is considered to be more fascinating for tourists. But, Oman is a hidden gem for globe-trotters. Nestled on Arabian Peninsula, Oman has terrain encompassing desert, riverbed oases and long coastline on the Persian Gulf. Tourists are now showing more interest to explore the beautiful Sultanate of Oman and the Oman government is trying everything to welcome more tourists to this holy land.

The main obstacle for any tourists to go international, is applying for visa. To make the visa process simpler, the Oman government had announced E-visa or electronic visa, where applicants can get all visa related information through their website. Due to the efficacy and ease of the process, the government of Oman has introduced the online visa application form, where the chance of visa rejection is low.

To keep pace with the latest trend and technology, Oman government has brought forth the E-visa system, so that the tourists who are keen to visit the country, no longer require to stand in queue to get the visa task done. The online system is the safest and minimizes the rate of duplicity and at the same time, due to the convenience of E-visa, tourists get visa approval to enter in the Sultanate of Oman.

The new E-visa system is being launched to coincide with the inauguration of Muscat International Airport, which supports the Oman tourism strategy to lure more tourists as the country is committed to welcome more than 11 million tourists by 2040. Travel and tourism is a sector, through which a country can make a fast track growth of its economy.

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After cumulating all the necessary documents, you can easily fill-up the online visa application. The 24*7 support system of Visa Assistance for Oman is round the clock ready to assist you with any guidance you need. If you are having any trouble or dilemma in visa procedure, you can consult the team to get a hassle free visa approval. It hardly takes two to five business days to get visa approval and depending on the purpose and urgency, you can avail your visa within 24 hours too.

Oman is emerging as one of the most beautiful land and tourists are flocking to this amazing land in quite a good number. Since, travel and tourism sector have lion’s share in GDP of any nation, so every country is working towards the development of its respective tourism sector. To attract the attention of international globe-trotters, the visa application procedures have been made easy too.